A unique assymmetrical scarf that is truly 100% Welsh.

A handwoven scarf created by Rosie Green from @saorimor.  Woven with one of our mini skein sets comprised of 5 naturally dyed colour using a Romney x Shetland (100% wool) base. The scarf is woven to create an asymmetrical patterns combining block colours as well as zigzag patterns.  Finishing off this scarf are the twisted tassles. This is a truly unique, handmade scarf that is created from 100% Welsh wool.

Length - 154cm (not including tassels)

Width - 15cm

Tassel - 10cm

'Mini Skein' Scarf

  • Handwoven scarf (Romney & Shetland 100% Wool)
    Natural dyes (incl. cochineal, lac, logwood and madder)
    Length - 154cm
    Width - 15cm
    Tassel - 10cm
    Hand wash, gentle wool wash, lay flat to dry.

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