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This is an ideal bracelet plyer for spinners wishing to clear off bobbins or to develop samples.  As a sample size bracelet plyer it holds approx. 20g of fibre spun as a single that can then be plied in to a 2-ply yarn with no waste!


Our bracelet plyer is a personalised design made by us on site with our 3d printer.  It is made from PLA, compostable, material as well as wood and paracord for you to easily hang it from your wrist, if desired, when plying.


This plying bracelet measures:

23cm x 10.5cm
The corded loop measures an additional 15cm.

What is bracelet plying?
You may recognise this as 'Andean plying' but in contemporary circles we refer to it as bracelet plying.  Our bracelet plyer provides an alternative to using your hand.

Bracelet Plyer

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