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This mini skein set was designed to help fundraise for the development of our space. 

It is a limited edition set of 5 x 20 gram mini skeins. This set a special 'montgomery' base yarn that was sourced and dyed in Wales.  It is 100% Welsh.  We are so proud to be supporting other companies in Wales; to provide a product that support Welsh wool, companies and makers. We hope that you will also be interested in supporting the Welsh wool industry as well as the development of our space in North Wales. With the impact of recent events we are working hard to keep our space open and safe. We would very much appreciated your help.  Purchasing this limited edition mini skein set will do just that! Diolch.


This mini skein set is perfect for weaving and knitting.


Tecstiliau Mini Skeins

SKU: 217537123517253
  • 5 x 20g skeins of 'montgomery' based wool (Romney x Shetland)
    Total weight: 100g, approx. 375 metres / 410 yards.
    Natural dyes (incl. cochineal, lac, logwood and madder)
    Hand wash, gentle wool wash, lay flat to dry.

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