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Y tu mewn i'r tun ('ECO') bach hwn fe welwch ddarnau o ffabrig, cotwm yn bennaf, i'ch helpu i ddechrau ymarfer 'pwytho araf'.

Inside this little treasure tin ('ECO') you will find pieces of fabric, mostly cotton, to help you start a 'slow stitch' practice.

Tun i Bytho'n Araf / Tin to Slow Stitch - 'ECO'

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    Y tu mewn i'ch tun:
    - 20 darn o ffabrig
    - Deunydd Plaen (25x25cm)
    - 1 dat-bwythwr
    - 1 nodwydd & 4 pin
    - Sidan bras brodwaith

    Mae'r llyfryn cyfarwyddiadau yn Gymraeg a Saesneg

    Inside your tin:
    - 20 pieces of fabric
    - Plain Cloth (25x25cm)
    - 1 stitch ripper
    - 1 needle & 4 pins
    - Embroidery floss

    Instruction booklet is in Welsh and English.

    Tun / Tin (hinged) = 11.5 x 8.5 cm

    *Please note: colours do vary slightly from the photographs, each set is unique.
    **Fabrics in this tin are 'eco-printed' using locally collected leaves and the process of bundle dyeing.

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